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7 Note Handpan in G Minor

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G Minor: (G3) C.Db.E.F.G.Ab
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The 7 Note handpan is the smallest, lightest and most affordable handpan we have available. The instrument is tuned to an altered Phrygian scale in G minor. Although the Phrygian scale is greek in origin, the scale resembles almost that of an Egyptian sound.

All 7 notes of the handpan have a lovely resonance, however it is also possible for players to use the other surfaces of the instrument to make other harmonics, such as snares and hi-hat like sounds.

Demo Video:

The instrument includes a hard cover shell to protect it during transport, it also includes a backpack style soft case for both protection / storage and ease of transportation. The instrument weighs only 5kg, making it very easy to carry.

Please note: Players are advised to only use their hands when playing these instruments as excessive force or playing with foreign objects could potentially cause damage.


Notes: 7
Colour: Grey or Black (and others)
Size: 24 X 54 cm (height x diameter)
Scale: G Minor Pentatonic / Phrygian scale: (G3), C4, Db4, E4, F4, G4, Ab4.
Gu (underside) hole: Yes


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Payment Plans:

We offer a three month payment plan so that you can pay your instrument off over 3 months. If you choose to pay for your handpan over a payment plan, your instrument will be delivered to you once paid in full.


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