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7 Note Handpan in G Minor

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Scale: G Minor: (G3) C.Db.E.F.G.Ab
Carry bag included


The 7 Note handpan is the smallest, lightest and most affordable handpan we have available. The instrument is tuned to an altered Phrygian scale in G minor. Although the Phrygian scale is greek in origin, the scale resembles almost that of an Egyptian sound.

All 7 notes of the handpan have a lovely resonance, however it is also possible for players to use the other surfaces of the instrument to make other harmonics, such as snares and hi-hat like sounds.

Demo Video:

The instrument includes a hard cover shell to protect it during transport, it also includes a backpack style soft case for both protection / storage and ease of transportation. The instrument weighs only 5kg, making it very easy to carry.

Please note: Players are advised to only use their hands when playing these instruments as excessive force or playing with foreign objects could potentially cause damage.


Notes: 7
Colour: Grey or Black (and others)
Size: 24 X 54 cm (height x diameter)
Scale: G Minor Pentatonic / Phrygian scale: (G3), C4, Db4, E4, F4, G4, Ab4.
Gu (underside) hole: Yes


Estimated shipping time is 3 - 10 business days.

We use either UPS or TNT for delivery, depending on your location.  Shipping is free.

Payment Plans:

We offer a three month payment plan so that you can pay your instrument off over 3 months. If you choose to pay for your handpan over a payment plan, your instrument will be delivered to you once paid in full.

Free Delivery Info:

Delivery to your door is free and we deliver worldwide.

We use either TNT, FedEx, UPS or EMS depending on your location.

Although import taxes are extremely rare and don't usually happen, buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We do our best to ensure that import taxes (if any) are as low as possible. We are not responsible for delays due to customs.


If you're unhappy with your instrument, you can return it within a 3 day window after delivery & we'll give you a full refund.

8 reviews for 7 Note Handpan in G Minor

  1. Carole Purnelle

    We loved ordering on the site, our hand pan arrived in perfect condition and Aaron was a great help.
    Carole Purnelle

  2. Carol Bird

    I had it on my bucket list for a few years to get myself a hand pan - but I put it off because it is an investment - but I can tell you that my ordering experience through Handpan Guru was flawless. It came in about a week roughly and that was weeks sooner than I expected!

    It was packaged beautifully and came without any damage - they really paid attention to how they shipped it and I did not have to pay any import taxes. I loved the case it came in too.

    This was a 100% for satisfaction and if you are in the market for a Handpan - these are your guys right here. I am absolutely thrilled with the choice I made to order through them!
    Carol Bird, SK Canada - Owner of RigBoyz Employment Network.

  3. Aut-Lin Foster

    Beyond excited to have ordered a handpan, ever since I first heard one I knew it was something that I wanted to learn.

    The transaction on this website was super smooth thanks to using PayPal, and Aaron replied back to me quickly with the tracking info. Shipping was way faster than I expected, arriving to BC, Canada in about a week! And no custom or duty charges at all too!

    The shipping crate is well made and padded, and the included carrying case for the handpan is very nice. Will make taking it around worry free! The handpan itself is beautiful, and sounds so wonderful to the ears. Stoked to have stumbled upon this website, as it has made getting into the handpan world easy and worry free. Thank you!
    Aut-Lin Foster

  4. Max G

    Just wanted to say thanks, I'm really enjoying the handpan! Its transcendental!! Will certainly recommend you to other folks!
    Max G

  5. Connie Smith

    I am so excited to finally get my handpan. It has such a beautiful sound! Was packed flawlessly in a protective crate and fast too. Very happy with my purchase! I also want to thank Aaron for answering so many questions and emails with kindness and patience!
    Connie Smith

  6. Johnathan Covey

    I ordered the 9 Note in D minor for my wife. We are very happy with it. We play it everyday. I am happy that I found and went through the HandPanGuru site. Compared to other hand pans I had researched, this one is amazing for the price, and a site that can be trusted. I loved how the HandPanGuru site is set up as well. Lots of information and honesty.
    Johnathan Covey

  7. Zachary Baker

    The people at handpanguru were awesome with me. They emailed me back regularly and timely, and the handpan came in less than a week! Absolutely amazing!
    Zachary Baker

  8. Baron B

    Delivery was very timely. Communication throughout the process was very professional and timely as well. The packaging of the Handpan was extremely safe and well done. The instrument sounds beautiful. Very pleased and grateful I went ahead and finally invested in this. It has already brought me joy in the little moments I have had playing.
    Baron B

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