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8 Note Handpan in F Minor


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Each of the 8 notes have a beautiful resonant sound with plenty of sustain due to the instruments larger diameter.

The Handpan is your ultimate tool for enhancing experiences such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, massage, bowen therapy, and energy healing practices like reiki.

In comparison to the early handpans, which usually had a smaller diameter, this handpan is a bit bigger, with a diameter of 57cm. This means the notes are a little more spread out and because of this, the larger diameter creates a deeper bass note sound with slightly more sustain.

This 8 note handpan is tuned in the F Minor Akebono scaleThe Akebono scale is a musical scale commonly used in traditional Japanese music.

It is also possible to use the other surfaces of the instrument to make percussive harmonics, such as snares and hi-hat like sounds.



Notes: 8
Scale: F Minor: (F3), A#3, C4, C4#, F4, F#4, A#4 & C5
Size: 24 x 57 cm (height x diameter)
Gu (hole underneath): Yes

The handpan comes with its own backpack style carry bag.


Safe Packaging:

Unlike other Handpan suppliers who often use soft cardboard boxes, our instruments are carefully packed inside a custom made wooden box padded with Styrofoam to ensure maximum protection. We also place a metal cover shell wrapped in bubble wrap to fully secure and protect the notes of the instrument during transport.


Fast & Free Delivery:

Delivery is free and we deliver worldwide. Delivery time is around 7 - 14 days.

We use either UPS, TNT/FedEx, or DHL depending on your location.


Money Back Guarantee:

Although we're extremely confident you'll be happy with your new instrument, we offer a 7 day window for you to return your handpan if defective and we'll give you a full refund. Please read our exchanges & returns policy here.

4 reviews for 8 Note Handpan in F Minor

  1. Jason Crider, Senior Engineer @ Retrium

    The drum was packed incredibly well and was in perfect condition upon arrival. The staff was very responsive throughout the process and the drum sounds absolutely great. I also love the carrying bag it comes with, it seems very well made!

  2. Ian Schwartz

    I was really thrilled when I received my handpan. I've had a lot of fun creating cool melodies with it!

  3. Emmillie C

    Amazing customer service, brilliant assistance with my bespoke request, super quick delivery and brilliant product from Handpan Guru. Would definitely recommend!

  4. Baron B

    Delivery was very timely. Communication throughout the process was very professional and timely as well. The packaging of the Handpan was extremely safe and well done. The instrument sounds beautiful. Very pleased and grateful I went ahead and finally invested in this. It has already brought me joy in the little moments I have had playing.

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