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What an amazing instrument. The kids love it and my wife and I enjoy it as much as they do, maybe more!
January 7, 2023
I wanted to get back with you and let you know that our handpan showed up 1 day before Christmas! SO AWESOME!

What an amazing instrument. The kids love it and my wife and I enjoy it as much as they do, maybe more!

Anyway, wanted to thank you for getting that out and it arriving for a great Christmas present!

Happy 2023! I hope you have a blessed year!!!!
Ben F
The handpan sounds amazing, with a really rich sound and great differential between notes.
June 1, 2022
I have a lot of percussion instruments, many of which have been handcrafted but the handpan I got from Handpan Guru is by far my favorite. Not only is the sound amazing, but it's incredibly well built and requires no additional maintenance like a lot of handpans. The service from the team was great, I had a few questions before I made the purchase and they replied within 24 hours and were always honest and upfront. I live in Singapore so it had a pretty long way to travel, but it was delivered on time, well packaged and protected including a decent carry bag and outer shell to protect the instrument day to day. I would highly recommend Handpan Guru and I'm hoping to make another purchase when I get some more space.
Chris H
Very happy with my handpan! The sound quality is amazing...
January 2, 2021
My son loves it and it came to our front door at 5pm on Christmas Eve just as we were about to open gifts! Amazing! Thank you so much. He is already making beautiful music with it.
Anita S
Very happy with my handpan! The sound quality is amazing...
December 18, 2020
Alex's Handpan
Very happy with my handpan! The sound quality is amazing and the shipping was secured and professionally done. Thanks Aaron for all your help helping me decide on which model to go with. Excited to learn how to actually play it now!
Alex L
The sound is perfect!
May 22, 2020
My Handpan arrived and I’m so excited! It arrived in excellent condition! The sound is perfect... Angelic!
I am a Nurse and I am trying to find comfort and relaxation with music and this instrument and relaxing tones help me find inner peace and relaxation. Thank you so much.
Bernice Yale
Each note is highly resonant and the instrument sounds amazing!
February 14, 2020
My long-awaited handpan has arrived! Extremely well packed in a wooden crate. Each note is highly resonant and the instrument sounds amazing!
I was really thrilled when I received my handpan
November 6, 2019
I was really thrilled when I received my handpan. I've had a lot of fun creating cool melodies with it!
Ian Schwartz
Brilliant product. Would definitely recommend!
August 29, 2019
Amazing customer service, brilliant assistance with my bespoke request, super quick delivery and brilliant product from Handpan Guru. Would definitely recommend!
Emmillie C
It's amazing, thank you!
April 28, 2019
Handpan received and it is amazing, thank you! We will be buying another in the near future.
Arlana White
It's is all I had hoped for!
February 20, 2019
I am sooo happy with my Handpan Drum!!! It's is all I had hoped for!!! Its Harmonious Circular Sound is Enhancing!!! I am not a musician and the drum just draws the music out of me...I am 69 yrs old and it is breathing fresh life into my Soul! I play it constantly....
Carrie Tarran
The instrument sounds beautiful
January 3, 2019
The delivery was very timely. Communication throughout the process was very professional and timely as well. The packaging of the Handpan was extremely safe and well done. The instrument sounds beautiful. Very pleased and grateful I went ahead and finally invested in this. It has already brought me joy in the little moments I have had playing.
Baron B
Absolutely amazing!
December 19, 2018
The people at handpanguru were awesome with me. They emailed me back regularly and timely, and the handpan came in less than a week! Absolutely amazing!
Zachary Baker
I ordered the 9 D Minor for my wife
December 14, 2018
I ordered the 9 Note in D minor for my wife. We are very happy with it. We play it everyday. I am happy that I found and went through the HandPanGuru site. Compared to other hand pans I had researched, this one is amazing for the price, and a site that can be trusted. I loved how the HandPanGuru site is set up as well. Lots of information and honesty.
Johnathan Covey
Arrived in perfect condition
December 12, 2018
We loved ordering on the site, our hand pan arrived in perfect condition and Aaron was a great help.
Carole Purnelle
I'm really enjoying the handpan! Its transcendental!!
November 30, 2018
Just wanted to say thanks, I'm really enjoying the handpan! It's transcendental!! Will certainly recommend you to other folks!
Max G
It has such a beautiful sound!
November 30, 2018
I am so excited to finally get my handpan. It has such a beautiful sound! Was packed flawlessly in a protective crate and fast too. Very happy with my purchase! I also want to thank Aaron for answering so many questions and emails with kindness and patience!
Connie Smith
Shipping was way faster than I expected
November 16, 2018
Beyond excited to have ordered a handpan, ever since I first heard one I knew it was something that I wanted to learn.

The transaction on this website was super smooth thanks to using PayPal, and Aaron replied back to me quickly with the tracking info. Shipping was way faster than I expected, arriving to BC, Canada in about a week! And no custom or duty charges at all too!

The shipping crate is well made and padded, and the included carrying case for the handpan is very nice. Will make taking it around worry free! The handpan itself is beautiful and sounds so wonderful to the ears. Stoked to have stumbled upon this website, as it has made getting into the handpan world easy and worry free. Thank you!
Aut-Lin Foster
I am absolutely thrilled with the choice I made to order through them!
November 16, 2018
I had it on my bucket list for a few years to get myself a handpan - but I put it off because it is an investment - but I can tell you that my ordering experience through Handpan Guru was flawless. It came in about a week roughly and that was weeks sooner than I expected!
It was packaged beautifully and came without any damage - they really paid attention to how they shipped it. I love the case it came in too.
This was 100% for satisfaction and if you are in the market for a Handpan - these are your guys right here. I am absolutely thrilled with the choice I made to order through them!
Carol Bird

Hang Drum & Handpan History

Aaron playing the Handpan
Much has changed since the Hang® (drum) was first created in the year 2000.

Before we delve into the history of this amazing instrument and how it came to be, we first need talk about the controversy surrounding its name and why you shouldn’t call it a Hang Drum.

So, first things first, we need to clear up that the instrument is not technically called a Hang drum. This is a misnomer. It is, in fact called a “Hang Instrument”, “Hang hang” or just “Hang”.

The most appropriate name for instruments made in inspiration of the original Hang ® is Handpan or Pantam.

With that said, it’s fair to say that the incorrect term “Hang drum” has caught on and is not going away, despite the wishes of its original creators.
The Hang was introduced to the public domain in 2001 by a company called PANArt and was created the year before by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer - both from Bern, Switzerland.

In late 2013 PANArt decided to discontinue the production of the Sound Sculpture Hang entirely and instead concerted their efforts on a wide variety of new creations; the Gubal, Urgu, Gudu, Gede, Godo and Balu Urgu.

Although PANArt’s new instruments in 2014 sounded great, they didn't quite have the same highly resonant sound that the original Hang design produced, and for this reason, the original Hang and instruments made in its image are still highly sought after. You can read more about the history of the hang here.

Because the original design of the sound sculpture Hang® created such a beautiful and resonant sound, the discontinuation of the popular design created a void. While the production of the design may have stopped for over 6 years, the demand for this unique instrument certainly did not.

2022 Update: According to PANArt's website (https://panart.ch) the Hang® sculpture is now available and is still being made by their tuners, so if you love the sound of the original Hang® and absolutely must have one, you can! Contact them for details via their website.

Since 2014, a variety of alternatives are now available that come in many different forms, each having their own unique sound, quite often at a much more more affordable price.

The different types of Handpans

There are two different types of Handpans available:


The term Handpan is used to describe the instruments inspired by the original PANArt Hang. These instruments usually have a dimple in the middle of each note and generally have a Gu (hole) on the underside of the instrument. Handpans generally have anywhere between 7 to 12 notes, although 9 note Handpans are the most common.

Tongue Drums

Although Tongue drums are technically Handpans as well, rather than having dimples for each note, each note is cut into the drum in a tongue like shape. The maker can tune the tongues by varying the length of the cuts, or by adding weights to the tongues. These instruments are generally less expensive and come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and designs.

Choosing which type of Handpan is right for you

In the video below, Lucius Harvey demonstrates different types of Handpans.

Smaller steel tongue drums don’t reverberate as much as the larger ones. So in other words, you don’t get as much of a “full” and loud sound out of them. You’ll notice in the video that the larger the instrument is, the better it sounds and the longer it reverberates.

One of the downsides to the tongue drums is that they aren’t as loud when they are played with the fingers, which is why most Steel Tongue Drums come with a pair of mallets to hit the drums with. The mallets make the drum sound louder and also makes the sound reverberate longer. Unfortunately using the mallets really takes away the “texture” and diversity that comes with playing an instrument like this with your hands. With all of that said, most of the tongue drums are also significantly less expensive.

This video will quickly help you decide which kind of instrument is for you. The video demonstrates well that the larger the instrument, the better quality of sound is produced.

How much do Handpans typically cost?

Back in 2001 when PANArt first opened their doors to selling the Hang to the general public, their initial starting price was $400. Right about now, you probably wish you could build a time machine to go back and grab one of these beauties for $400. But unless you’re Rick Sanchez, you can’t. As you can imagine, when the popularity of this beautiful instrument grew, so did the price tag.

In 2014, PANArt seized production of the Sound Sculpture Hang® drum. This is what they’ve said on their website:

“The call of iron has led us away from the sound sculpture Hang® and towards other potentialities of Pang®”

The last generation, just before they were discontinued sold at $2,600 each.

It would be reasonable to say that the first generations of the Hang® has become somewhat of a collector’s item now. As I’ve mentioned already, a second hand genuine PANArt Hang® can range from $4,000 – $12,000 and up. It’s safe to say that this is not an option for most people. If you’re set on getting yourself a genuine Hang, then it might be worth trying to hunt one down on eBay or Craigslist, but beware! These kinds of items can attract scammers because of their high price. So don’t get fooled by a deal that is “too good”. If it looks too good to be true then it usually is. Always research the seller and if it’s a Craigslist listing, ask to see the item in person before making the deal.

2020 Update: The original sound sculpture design is now available again according to PANArt. They state on their website: "The Hang sculpture shown here is still built by PANArt tuners". So for buyers who are absolutely set on the original design, they now have a far better option and don't have to risk classified sites. The sculpture is currently priced at around $2,588 USD.

Luckily there are now a growing number of manufacturers making Handpans just like the Hang® drum at much more reasonable prices. These instruments generally range in price between $1,500 to 3,000, with the cheaper options usually being manufactured in Bali or Vietnam.

You can find high quality, hand made options here on our shop.

So what can you expect to pay for a Handpan?

Since the former discontinuation of the Sound Sculpture Hang®, the price of the now rare early generation Hang instruments has risen far beyond what they were originally sold for.

If you want to buy one of the early generation Sound Sculpture Hang drums, you would be very lucky to find one for under $3,000, so I suggest choosing a Handpan that is made in the inspiration of the Hang® design. As of 2020, you can now buy this design again directly from PanArt for around $2,588 (CHF 2500).

If you are just looking to buy a Handpan, then I do not suggest buying a 2nd hand Hang, instead, I suggest either buying one of PANArts newer instruments or choosing from one of the many alternatives that are made in the image of the original Sound Sculpture design.

In short, you can expect to pay $1,500 – $3,000+ for a Hang® style Handpan.  If that's more than you're willing to spend but you love the sound, there is a cheaper alternative known as Tongue Drum which produces a similar sound. These instruments range in price between $150 – $800 and beyond.

To buy an instrument similar to a Genuine Hang®, you’re looking at around $1,500 – $3,000. Hang Drums around this price range are good quality and are generally made in Vietnam, Bali or Russia, however Pans are now made all over the world. While most are not made exactly to the PANArt Method, they are still lovely instruments.

For a Handpan that is made according to the PANArt Method, you can expect to pay around $3,000 on online stores, such as Amazon.

If this is understandably out of your budget, check out the instruments available on our website.

Where to buy Hang Drums for Sale?

A Handpan is not really something that you are generally able to buy at your local music store. This means that you are likely limited to buying online, here’s your options:

Second Hand

Because it’s not possible to buy the original PANArt Hang anymore (in 2013 PANArt ceased making them) your only option is to buy one second hand on an online marketplace such as eBay or Craigslist.

It’s usually a rule of thumb that a used item is cheaper than its brand new counterpart. If you think this rule applies to a genuine Hang, then you are in for a shock. A second hand PANArt Hang Drum will usually sell for two to three times, sometimes four times its original price! (Selling anywhere between $4,000 to $15,000). Unless your heart is set on buying a genuine Hang by PANArt, there are better options than buying second hand without compromising on quality.

Straight from a manufacturer

Purchasing a Handpan straight from a manufacturer can be a painstaking and time-consuming process. Because there is not a lot of competition, manufacturers usually have long waiting lists and may even turn your application to buy a Hang Drum away! I’ve heard stories of people waiting over to 6 months just to get their Handpan. Recently I've heard stories of people waiting well over a year from a manufacturer I won't name. The excuses keep on coming and many are starting to question if this operation is a scam. If you want a specific brand,you’re patient and you trust the vendor, this might be the option for you.

If waiting up to 6 months or more for a Handpan sounds insufferable, check out some of the options we available for immediate purchase and delivery below.

Buying a Handpan from us

We work closely with handpan makers and manufacturers to make Handpans as easily available to the public as possible.

We have some lovely sounding Handpans available on our store that are hand made with love. Check out our range here.

Cheaper Alternatives to the PANArt Hang:

Steel Tongue Drums

There’s no doubt that Handpans can be expensive.

If you understandably don’t want to pay over $4,000 for an original genuine PanArt Hang® Drum and the more affordable Handpans that are listed for sale on our website are still out of your budget, then the best option for you may be a Steel Tongue Drum.

The Steel Tongue Drum (also known as the Tank Drum and Hank Drum) sounds quite similar to the Hang and is great alternative to the Hang® Drum / Handpan.

You can expect to pick one of these up for $150 – $800+ and they’re a lot more readily available. Some of them also have some stunning artwork on them!

Buying a Handpan directly from us

Although our Handpans are not exactly the same as the original PANArt Hang®, they sound similar, are far more available and much more affordable.
In Stock & ready for Express Delivery to your door:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a waiting list?

No! Unlike many Handpan makers who have 2 to 12-month waiting lists, we do not have a waiting list. We've got instruments in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

How much does delivery cost and how long does it take?

Delivery is completely free. Our mission is to make Handpans as available and affordable as possible for everyone, and for this reason, we provide free express delivery – worldwide.

How long does delivery take?

The current estimated delivery time is around 7 - 14 days with free delivery to your door.

What happens if my Handpan goes out of tune or needs repairing?

If you play your instrument correctly without using excessive force, it’s very unlikely that your instrument will go out of tune on its own.

Over long periods of time though (2 – 5 years), your instrument may shift in tune slightly. We have found that all of the notes on an aged Handpan will typically shift together. What this means is that over a long period of time your instrument may not be perfectly in tune to 440 Hz Western tuning, but will still be in tune to itself and will sound fine to a hobby player.

With that said, if you would like to have your instrument returned we are happy for you to send your Handpan back to our workshop for a re-tune. You would be responsible all postage costs and a small re-tune fee.

What if it needs repairing?

If you happen to damage your instrument from denting it or dropping it at waist height, in most circumstances we will be able to repair it for you, however, if you’ve dropped it from a 3 story building or from a moving car, then, unfortunately, you would need to purchase a replacement.

Can I re-tune my Handpan myself?

No, a re-tune must be carried out an expert who has experience in tuning these types of instruments. In most cases, someone who doesn’t know what they are doing will likely cause more harm than good. If you have purchased a Handpan from us and it requires a re-tune, please contact us.

Will excessive heat cause a Handpan to go out of tune?

Because Handpans are made out of metal, direct sunlight can cause them to become so hot that you could cook an egg on it!

When the metal heats up, it expands. This causes the notes of the drum to temporarily become lower. But it’s not just high temperatures that you need to be concerned about. When left in extremely cold temperatures, the opposite will occur and the metal will contract and the notes will become higher pitched.

When the instrument is returned to room temperature, the sound of the notes will usually go back to normal, however, it’s important to ensure not to store your Handpan in direct sunlight or leave it outside in the snow.

Where is the best place to keep it when it’s not being played?

It’s extremely important that you remember to never lay your instrument face down on its notes. If stored in this way regularly, the pressure on these notes can eventually cause it to go out of tune. It is also very important to never leave it in the sun or outside in harsh weather conditions.

If you treat your instrument with love and care, you instrument will stay in tune for many, many years to come.

What’s included with our instruments?

All of our Handpans come with a soft backpack-style carry case included in the box to make transporting your instrument safer and easier. We also include a hard protective cover to further protect the instrument during delivery.

Are your Handpans packaged safely?

Worried about shipping? Don't be. Our instruments are secuerly shipped inside a custom made wooden box for maximum protection. The inside of the box is fully padded with Styrofoam. The instrument is wrapped in bubble wrap and then a protective cover is placed over the notes. The instrument is then placed inside its carry bag and then wedged between more Styrofoam to keep it secure so there's no movement inside the box.

You can order confidently knowing that we've never had a Handpan damaged during transport using this packaging method.

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