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Handpan Affiliate Program

Earn a $100 affiliate commission for every order you refer to us

We're the highest paying Handpan affiliate program in the industry.

Are you tired of Amazon's ever decreasing affiliate commissions? I don't blame you.

At the time of writing this Amazon's commission rate for musical instruments is only 3%. That means that even if you were to refer somebody to an overpriced $2500 Handpan on Amazon, you'd only receive a 3% commission. That's a commission of just $75.

The reality is though that most instruments on Amazon are priced far lower than that, and you're earning far less than $75 per sale. You can more realistically expect around $50 or less per Handpan sale. Luckily we have a solution for you. We pay our affiliates $100 per sale!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Once you have created your account using the registration form below, you'll be able to login to the Affiliate Area. From there you can copy your affiliate links and share them on your website, your YouTube videos or wherever you plan on promoting our instruments. You'll be able to link to our homepage, our shop or directly to product pages.

After somebody visits your affiliate link, a cookie will be stored in their web browser for 30 days. This means that if they make a purchase from our website within that 30 days, you'll be awarded a $100 commission for the sale.
No. We pay our affiliates each and every month. You will be paid the following month whether you earned $100 or $10,000. There is no minimum payout threshold like most affiliate programs.
You'll receive an email for every successful order referral. You can also track successful order referrals, link clicks and more from the Affiliate Area.
$100 per sale. The amount you can earn is only limited to the amount of customers you're able to refer via your affiliate links. If you're already promoting Amazon products then you can likely expect to earn around twice as much as you are currently earning through Amazon (no guarantees of course).
Sound good and want to get started? Sign up to our affiliate program using the form below:
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Shipping & Returns

Free worldwide delivery to the customers door via UPS, FedEx / TNT or DHL.
Returns are accepted within 7 days of the instrument being delivered.

Secure Checkout

Customers can pay for their instrument via PayPal, Credit or Debit Card.

An account with PayPal is not required.

Risk Free: Customers purchases are protected under PayPal's buyer protection.
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